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Team Photos

TV_Team_April_2016_Slider cropped-TV-Team.jpg

Charitable Efforts


Triangle Velo donating to the Town of Carrboro to install a bicycle repair station and pump at Wilson Park. TV-CORA-2014-web90 Triangle Spokes Photo CORABP CBC-Donation-2014 SCS-Donation-2014 CBC-Donation-2015 VFD-Donation-121915   


Paul and Jason finish riding the Blue Ridge Parkway.                      


Babo Vesuvius Babo Vesuvius 2 Halsey Vesuvius Schoch Vesuvius TV Team April 2016 TV_Ace_2016_2-web TV_Ace_2016-web Bill-CCA-RR-1 2016-10-8-tv-cross-1 2016-10-8-tv-cross-4 2016-10-8-tv-cross-5 2016-10-8-tv-cross-2 2016-10-8-tv-cross-3 langston-2016-cross 


SK Berger 4-19-15 2 SK Beger 4-16-15 Sandy Cash Ace 4-28-15 AME_2928w AME_2822w AME_2816w AME_2748w AME_2731w AME_2701w AME_2623w AME_2612w AME_2567-Panow AME_2528w AME_2502w AME_2231w KG-Podium Keith-Gerarden-BCC Keith-Gerarden-6BC Evie-Stevens-WCR-2015



TVW-Greenville-Crit Goldsboro-Bacon-web Berger-6-10-14-5 Berger-6-10-14-4 Berger-6-10-14-3 Berger-6-10-14-2 Berger-6-10-14-1 NC-RR-Champs-W4-podium-2014 NC-RR-Champs-2014 TV-Women-Pilot-Mtn-2014 McKenney-Podium-web McKenney-Podium-Thrilla-Chapel-Hilla-web keith-6bc-2014-1 Kent-Service

2014 Ace-Travaganza

AT-14 AT-13 AT-12 AT-11 AT-10 AT-9 AT-8 AT-7 AT-6 AT-5 AT-4 AT-3 AT-2 AT 1

 Women’s Race Gallery No. 1

Women’s Race Gallery No. 2

Cat 4/5 Race Gallery No. 1

Cat 4/5 Race Gallery No. 2

Master’s Race

Cat 1/2/3 Elimination Race


2014 Winter Series

MHG TV Keith Babo TV Craig Hurt TV Blair Hobgood TV Blair Hobgood 3 TV Bill Langston TV 13 TV 14 TV 15 TV 16 TV 17 TV Adrian Carter TV 12 TV 11 TV 10 TV 9 TV 8 TV 7 TV 6 TV 5 TV 4 TV 3 TV 2 TV 1 TV Paul Smith TV 18


Winter Series No.1 Master’s Race

Winter Series No. 2 Women’s Race

Winter Series No. 2 Cat 4/5 Race

Winter Series No. 2 Master’s Race

Winter Series No. 2 Cat 3/4 Race

Winter Series No. 2 Cat 1/2/3 Race

Other Photos


DSC00629 Screen shot 2011-01-30 at 8.59 DSC_0043 DSC_0188 DSC_0177 DSC00629 5400700779_57fed1e796_b homepage1 DSC_0177 IMG_0315 IMG_1023 No-Mercy-Logo